Why has my monthly Direct Debit changed?

When we look at your account (typically, that's twice a year) we check to see how much energy you're using, how much you're paying and the cost of the tariff you're on.

We adjust your payment - up or down - so that you don't pay us too much money or fall behind. What we don't want to happen, is for you to build up a debt without realising it.

We know this may be frustrating, but if your Direct Debit has gone up then it may simply be because you're using more energy than before. That could be due to more people in the house, extra appliances, or even a very cold spell that means you've turned the heating up for a while.

The other reason why your Direct Debit may have changed is if our prices change, or you're coming to the end of your fixed price tariff. We'll review your Direct Debit when your tariff ends. If you haven't changed tariffs before then we'll automatically move you onto our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you, or another applicable tariff - so your monthly payment may change.

Don't worry, we'll write to you before your fixed price tariff ends to explain your options and help you choose a new tariff. If you look online, you can always see which tariffs we have available.

Smart meters

If you're not yet a Smart customer, join millions of other households with a Smart meter and make it easier to see where you could save money. With a Smart meter, you'll know what you’re spending on energy each day in pounds and pence. Find out more about Smart meters.